Living the Blogging Lifestyle And Make Money?


Blogs and blogging is all about information. Information about products, services, compensation plans and even Justin Bieber's next concert date (that last one is true, but a joke nonetheless). One of the blogs I generally visit is http://www.pathedia.com. One thing any business owner should know is this; a blog is your home online, it is the gateway for information about your niche and the end of the search for people.

The challenge of online branding is the hardest part of the beginners marketing experience online. While many programs and people tout how important it is, they also try to state facts about self and business branding that are in reality, only theory. Here we will go over some simple theories and practices that can and do work for the newbie.

Keywords and keyword phrases are still a major factor for good ranking, but should you skip creating a piece of content because of high competition.

Below is a video that will answer a major question that came up nearly a hundred times since the last e-mail I sent. Many people are wondering if they should create the content if the competition is high.

Remember, getting a good ranking online is a must, search still remains the best way to sell or promote your services, opportunities and products. Regardless of what many a guru would say about other platforms, search takes up over 70% of purchases and subscribers than any other source online like mentale dieet plan...

And I do want to add this: This year we have had a 77% success rate of people generating traffic online, and so far, over 25% of those people are earning an income as well as some working from home today.

Do not look for the shortcuts, they will fail you, but I will not. Start learning exactly how those of us succeed online...through good content. Whether you make six figures a year or not is literally up to you, seriously...