There Are 5 Signals That INSTANTLY Tell A Woman You’re A “Wuss”


Josh Pellicer mentioned that these 5 signals are dead giveaways to a woman that tell her you're not worth her time.They are instant ATTRACTION KILLERS (check tao of badass tho) that leave you dead in the water every time, including:

Of course, there are quite a few more examples of other little things that women look for... to make quick decisions about what kind of man you are... and instantly know whether or not you are worthy of a second thought.

Now, as you've heard me say a million times, these decisions all happen on a subconscious level. Women don't look at a man, then say to a friend, "Well, he maintained eye contact when I first looked at him, then he held his head up high in a dominant posture... so I'm going to give him a chance".

It's an instant feeling that women get. They use these little body language cues to instantly size you up, then respond instantly.

Now, you're asking about a particular facet of eye contact... specifically, when you're standing one foot away from her and it happens.

Your question leads me to believe that you think things must be different if you're close to a woman... as if the rules should change if she's closer than 4.35234 feet. If anything, it takes more composure and inner strength to look a woman in the eyes if she's standing a foot away.

In this case it's even more important to not look away, and try saying, "I just couldn't help noticing you... {pause}... staring at me..." That's funny. Or say, "Do you always maintain such strong eye contact? Or only with guys like me that you can't help it with?"

The Bottom Line: Doing ANYTHING Is Better Than Doing NOTHING

I mean, you don't even have to expend the energy to walk over and start a conversation. Even "Hi" is better than walking away.

Plus: once you get over your remaining fear of the unknown, and you realize that you're in control of your life and your results, you'll begin to realize that situations like these are great opportunities... which reminds me of something.

I honestly believe that fear of the unknown is one of the biggest obstacles that guys face with women. It may sound silly, but most guys who are afraid to approach women really don't know exactly WHAT they're afraid of.